Poultry transport

Transportation-company Broekman from Haler focuses on the transport of poultry.

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What's our focus?

Transport company Broekman has developed itself in recent years into a professional poultry transport company with a large customer base at home and abroad.

The company originates in the vaccination company, which carries out both poultry vaccines and loading & unloading of poultry.


Broekman’s transportation company was founded in 2006 by Jan Broekman and his son Richard, to provide an extra service to their customers in poultry vaccination. The family business has grown from 2 trucks in the early years, to 8 modern combinations today. We¬† serve a part of the Western European market.

Corporate video

In 2013, a corporate film was produced that shows business activities of both the vaccination- and transport company Broekman. Watch this movie below (in Dutch):


Broekman’s transport company specializes in transporting young maternal animals and young laying hens. This poultry is transported in crates, which is many times more animal friendly than other types of transport. The loading and unloading of the animals can also be handled by Broekman.

Obviously, all our drivers have the necessary certifications, as they can be referred to as properly skilled poultry carriers.

Cleaning and disinfection

Hygiene is the utmost importance. Broekman transport company understands that, and is fully equipped to deliver maximum hygiene. For example, our trucks are completely cleaned and disinfected in our certified laundry area after each trip. We also have a ‘crate washer’ for thorough cleaning of the materials used.

All employees’ clothes arewashed daily, then dried and finally sealed. The boots, gloves and hats are also fully washed and disinfected.

International activities

Broekman has a strategic location in the southern part of the Netherlands. As a result, we can easily serve an international market. Outside The Netherlands we work with clients in Belgium, Northern France and Germany (eg North Rhine-Westphalia).